Building a dynamic link forwarder

If you've ever looked at a YouTuber's social media profile (especially on Instagram), you'll have noticed that some of them like to link to their most recent video.

While I completely understand the motivation behind this, I'm worried that the vast majority of them updates these links manually in lack of a dynamic solution.

Let's fix that.

The goal was to have a fixed domain, which automatically redirects to the most recent video of the channel given in the url.
So a YouTube channel with the username dailygiraffevideos (I wish that channel existed) could use and it would redirect accordingly.

So far, so good. I've been playing around with HTML/CSS/JS recently (I built tastytunes to share songs with my friends who have similar taste in music), but those sites are all static. In order to redirect to every YouTube channel, I need a dynamic solution.
After a bit of googling, Express running on Node.js seemed like just what I needed. The routing examples in their documentation pretty much gave me everything I needed for the handling of dynamic requests. So using Express I could get the requested channel name as parameter, which I then need to feed into the YouTube API to get the latest video.
This splits up into two API calls: Using the channelName I can get the Playlist ID of the channel's uploads. A second request gives me the first n videos for that playlist ID, here we only care about the first one. (More on the YouTube API here)

If those two API requests succeed - meaning the channel exists and has uploaded at least 1 video, we get the video ID of the most recent video back. Nice!
Then the only thing left is to put that video ID in a youtube-url and redirect the page. And that's it!

You may peek at the code here - it's not very nice to look at since I lazied it out on the request callbacks, but maybe it'll help someone out there!

Other than that, feel free to try it out in action at and make sure to share the site next time you see some poor fella with hand-pasted links in their social media profile. :)