Arduino LED animations made easy

Today I'm happy to share JigglyLights with you, a little C++ library to use with LED strips on the Arduino platform to easily run LED animations.

JigglyLights came to live during a little beer-and-hack weekend with Lenny.

We ordered some cheap hardware to play around with and after we had the whole Arduino setup and environment figured out, we started writing animations to run on the LED strip.

It's build on top of the FastLED library and can easily be included in your own project.

Here's a demo loop through some of the animations, of course we're planning on adding more over time (sorry for the big ass gif :/ ).

The entire library, including setup instructions can be found on github.
Make sure to star/watch it if you want to stay up to date with the project.

If you are interested in setting something similar up on your own but have no clue where to start, check out "Arduino LEDs - the total f*cking newbie guide"

And here's another little demo, we synced up some of our animations to "Chimes" by Hudson Mohawke. Also: Club-Mate.